Character development at its finest.


i know what i’m risking, my life for theirs.

allison (x) scott (x) stiles (x)


a genius, yes.   a psychic, no.

allison (x) derek (x) scott (x) stiles (x)


i’m not saying bucky should spend most of cap 3 crying and kissing steve, but i am saying they’d be smart to play to sebastian stan’s strengths


there’s no such thing as fate.

allison v1 (x) derek (x) lydia (x) scott (x) stiles (x)

Harry Potter challenge: It’s not over
day 1: Scenery porn (inspiration from)

What Hannibal’s really thinking (WTF edition)


Color Palette: Dean x Castiel, inspired by: x

I will not become a page in someone else’s history book.

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